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Due to an absolutely overwhelming amount of requests for this, I’ve decided to delay my evening skincare post by a few more days and give you a full in depth review of the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Remover.

Honestly, I’m so humbled and grateful to the number of girls who bought this machine after seeing my post on Instagram about it. If you haven’t seen it, click here. Pre-warning, this is going to be another lengthy blog post.

So if you’re thinking of buying this and want to know the most asked question ‘Does it work?’ – The answer is yes. It works. It exceeded every expectation I had, and I honestly tell everyone that this is THE BEST beauty purchase I have ever made. Ever. I am literally completely hair free everywhere I have used it. Its amazing.

The Technical Stuff

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE PLEASE do your own research before you purchase this. Click on the images below to see who its not suitable for (I just want you guys to be safe):

What is it? – Its an IPL laser machine that delivers gentle pulses of light to the root of the hair, continuously preventing hair regrowth and leaves you hair free. The darker the hair, the better the pulses of light are absorbed. The pulses of light stimulate your hair follicle- which results in your hair shedding naturally and any re-growth prevented.

Is it suitable for me? – Please look at the image below to see whether it is suitable for your skin tone and hair colour.


What model do you have? – Philips SC2009/00 Lumea Prestige. Mine is the most expensive, the most recent model and is the cordless version. It comes with three attachments (pictures below, one of the attachments is on the actual machine)- one for the face, one for the body and one for your bikini. If you don’t necessarily need all these functions (e.g you’d prefer a wired one, you don’t need a bikini attachment) then please check out their older models which are cheaper but use the same technology.


Where can I get it from? – Most major retailers such as Argos, Boots, John Lewis and Amazon.

How much is it? – Prices vary depending on where you purchase it, but the cheapest I have currently found it for (from a reputable place) is from Amazon for £279

 Philips Lumea SC2009/00 IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device on Body, Face and Bikini

Does it use batteries?The one I have is rechargeable. A full charge takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, and I find it gives you enough battery to do both your legs. At first you’ll be quite slow, but you’ll get faster as you get used to the machine. I recommend doing different parts of your body on different days to avoid the charge running out.

Why did I choose to buy this instead of professional laser?

I was getting sick of shaving and wanted something less high maintenance (I was shaving every other day it was BLOODY ANNOYING). I had tried an epilator, and I couldn’t hack it. It made me cry of pain. The thought of going to a salon and getting laser done professionally just filled me with anxiety (I’m awkward, beyond awkward) so I decided to research IPL machines for home usage and came across this.

I was extremely skeptical, so if you’re considering buying this and you’re scared as f**k, I get you. Its not cheap, and the possibility of it not working is risky. I knew before I bought it that theres a chance it might not work, and if you’re about to purchase it then you need to understand that too. It doesn’t work for everyone. Everyone has a different skin tone, different hair colour, different hair growth cycle and different hair thickness so it works differently for everyone! I took the risk, because financially it was cheaper than professional laser and omg– I’m so happy I trusted my gut and bought this. So so happy.

How do you use it?

This section is aimed mainly for the girls who have this machine and need help understanding how to start using it. But if you’re thinking of buying it, its still helpful to understand the process and see if its suitable for you.

The Philips Lumea recommend an 8 week schedule (The initial phase) followed by occasional top ups (The touch-up phase) which I’m going to explain fully. Depending on your skin tone/hair type this could take longer or less time. For me, I was COMPLETELY happy and had absolutely no hair growing after 3-4 months- but I had very minimal hair after around 10 weeks (it was just slightly patchy).

So you’ve bought the machine, you’ve opened up the box and you’re looking at all these components confused as hell. I’m gonna break it down for you in steps below:

The initial phase (First 5 sessions, which are to be completed every 2 weeks) : 

Before you do anything, please do a skin test on each area you want to treat (Go in the manual, page 11- it will tell you how to perform this and how to choose the right setting for your skin tone).

In this phase, you do your sessions every 2 weeks. I would not recommend doing them in a shorter time frame as you could cause damage to your skin.

One session every two weeks, for five sessions.

In this stage, you are required to PRE-TREAT your skin prior to using it. In order for the light to be absorbed by the hair below skin surface, you need to remove ALL the hair from the area you are treating. Philips recommend shaving, short-trimming, epilating or waxing (if you are waxing, please wait 24 hours before using the machine).

DO NOT use any of those hair removal creams – a) they nasty, b) the chemicals may cause skin reactions.

  • I waxed my face as a pre-treat and shaved everywhere else (my face took the longest to see results).
  • If you can, I highly recommend shaving. It doesn’t remove the root of the hair and makes it MUCH more effective.
  • If after 5 sessions, your hair growth is still very patchy- continue doing sessions every 2 weeks until you are happy. THEN proceed to the next stage. This is what I did. I had little hair after my 5 sessions, but there were still sections where there was hair and I wanted to have it all lasered and smooth before I went into the touch-up phase.

For information regarding how to actually operate the machine and perform the laser, please scroll right to the bottom of this page where I have a video link showing everything (Really hope this is helpful!)

The touch-up phase (once every few months):

By the time you reach this phase (8 weeks later, or possibly longer), you will inshAllah have a significant amount of hair reduction on the area you have been treating and will no longer need to pre-treat the area you are using the laser on.

IPL requires maintenance. It is not going to remove your hair forever and you can just forget about it. Every few months (even with professional laser), you will need to do touch-up sessions. This is simply one session every few months just to maintain it. 


I made a short video below demonstrating how to use the device:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

I get asked a lot if it hurts. It stings, yes. Its not painless, but I promise you its nothing crazy. When I first used it, I flinched BADLY and got scared. Its a weird sensation. Like a pinch. But it literally lasts 1 second and the pain is gone. If you can hack getting your eyebrows done or epilate (*shivers*) then you can handle this. The more you use it, the less painful it becomes. It also depends on where you use it (I find my face the least painful, underarms and bikini most painful).

Do I need to wear google or apply gel before I use it?

No. Completely safe to use without, there is no need.

Is it permanent?

Very common question. I wish I could say yes, but no. Its not permanent. Nothing is permanent, not even professional laser. Hormones can make your hair grow back, but in all honesty I never think about hair removal anymore. I just do my top-up sessions every now and again and I’m good to go. Smooth as a babies bum.


  1. Aisha says:

    Thank you for this detailed blog post, it’s so helpful.
    You mentioned you had seen it on amazon for £279 do you have the link for that by any chance?

    • phosbeauty says:

      It does say in the handbook that you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with acids such as AHA, however I still did. I just made sure I did it atleast a few days after and was wearing SPF everyday (super important) but I have uploaded a pic of the precautions on the blog post so read through that thoroughly 🙂

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