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Online shopping – quite possibly the greatest invention of all time.

I’m going to try and keep this blogpost short and simple (but we all know I love to talk- and type) but I’m going to give you guys some tools I use when shopping online to help me save money! Theres nothing wrong with saving money, and girl lets be real, I’m pakistani- Its in my blood to save money LOL.

Cashback Sites

If you haven’t heard of cashback sites before then you are seriously missing out! Especially if you shop online a lot – this will save you a ton of money!

My personal preference is Topcashback, but I know theres many others out there such as Quidco which people also like using.

So how exactly does this website save me money? Simple. You search on their website for the online store you want to purchase from – click the link- and purchase your item as normal. For every purchase you make ‘through’ topcashback – you get a percentage of your money back.

I’ve put together some images to help you understand how the website works (Link on where to sign up is further down the page):


It honestly is as easy as that! So you’re probably thinking ok? – that seems to good to be true whats the catch? There a few things that stop this from working so I want to explain them to you guys, so you can all benefit from saving money!

Discount codes. When you search for your website (like I searched cult beauty in the above images), if you scroll down on the page where it shows you all the different cashback percentages- there will be a section called ‘Voucher Codes’. Here, Topcashback display all the voucher codes they accept. If you use a voucher code they don’t have listed in this section – it may not work so bare that in mind.

AdBlock. If you have Adblock on your laptop, you must pause/disable it when making your purchases otherwise TopCashback will not be able to track it -which will result in you losing your cashback.


It can take a while for the money to be processed and verified by the companies but you WILL get your cashback. If you click on your account settings- you’ll be able to see all the purchases you’ve processed through there and all the money that is payable to you. Simply choose your preferred method of payment (I choose paypal) and it’ll be in your account within 48 hours. Simple as that.


Discount Codes

This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be shocked at how many discount codes there are floating about on the internet that you didn’t have a clue about!

Whenever I want to purchase something online, I ALWAYS google the name of the shop (lets use ‘New Look’ as an example) followed by discount codes. So I would type into google ‘New Look Discount Codes’.

So when I google these names, I tend to click on the Hot UK Deals site, which is usually in the top 3 search results and use that.

My favourite favourite website for discount codes is Hot UK Deals (Click here to visit the site) as they always have codes that work, and any that don’t work they clearly state it is expired which helps so much!

Loyalty Cards and Loyalty Points

If you shop from a company enough, I would highly recommend joining their loyalty schemes because your points will honestly just add up and you can save so much money!

One of my absolute favourite loyalty schemes is ‘The Body Shop Love Your Body’ Loyalty Scheme. You get 10 points for every £1 you spend – essentially giving you 10% back in points every time you shop.

The best thing about loyalty points is you can earn them even after you’ve applied other discounts or purchased sale items – so its just EXTRA benefit and money saving. With The Body Shop, once you earn £5 – you get a online voucher which you can then use as part-payment towards your purchases.

Its the best! I’ve earned so many points from there and gotten so many free things. Saving money without even trying!

So those are the current things that I use to help save money online. These are all things I use and do on a regular basis so I thought I would just share it with you all (even if some do seem quite obvious) just to help.

We all work hard for our money, so why not save it when we can!

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